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SproutCMS is more than just a content management system.

It's a flexible and feature rich application framework, enabling quick and agile custom development. It was built to reward innovation and encourage developers to produce complex applications.

Built by developers, for developers.

For Developers 

  • VC framework
  • Robust and thoroughly tested security models
  • Multi-site support
  • Multi-device support
  • Custom SQL PDO wrapper
  • Detailed task logging
  • Query logging
  • Exception remapping
  • Automated events and background processing
  • Transaction support along with detection of nested transactions
  • Support for prepared queries
  • Support for unit test suites

Karmabunny have been building complex web applications for clients large and small for over 16 years now. We have used many frameworks and third party tools in that time, some we loved and some we really didn't.

Over that time we have developed a whole bunch of software for in-house and client use. Everything from project management systems & task managers to quote builders and website audit tools... oh yeah, and content management systems.

Well I guess every web development agency has built them in some form or another - our main driver was always to ensure that we had a solution that would be flexible and easy to develop in, conform to modern coding standards and not be weighed down by unnecessary complexity and bloat.

We have found that most content management systems tend to be not very developer friendly and equally difficult to teach to our clients. We would see features getting added, tweaked and morphed into a soup of options that obfuscate simple tasks and make it bewildering for users.

Check it out and let us know what you think.